Monday, September 20, 2004

Teachers Behaving Badly Dept.-- The New Math

New Math Posted by Hello

One of your EdWonks' sources from what Bill O'Reilly refers to as "fly over country" has sent us this little tale of a St. Louis teacher that was arrested for attempting to buy a little cocaine. It seems that earlier this month first-year math teacher Jeffrey Breier attempted to buy his 'blow a few doors away from an elementary school.

Now the EdWonk certainly knows that teaching is a stressful job, but wouldn't a little good ole fashioned alcohol been longer-lasting as well as legal? And are teaching salaries so high in St. Louis that first-year teachers can afford this type of illicit diversion? Or perhaps Breier was taking the name of his workplace a little too literally.

Hazelwood East High Posted by Hello
As of this writing, Mr. Breier had been relieved of his teaching duties, but was still on the District's payroll. School officials stress that the charges pending against Breier are in no way related to the District. Breier is awaiting his day in court. Your EdWonk is awaiting further developments.