Thursday, September 16, 2004

From The Teachers Behaving Badly Dept.

Dope Dealing 101? Posted by Hello

One of our sources from what Bill O'Reilly terms as "Fly Over Country" has sent your EdWonk the tale of a 4th grade teacher that was Arrested for selling marijuana. It seems that Clermont, Ohio teacher Jamie Bailey and her husband Shawn needed to earn a little extra money.

They got caught because they were, literally, smoking their profits. According to neighbors, the police were called when the couple were heard loudly arguing. As the police approached the couple's door, the distinctive aroma of marijuana could be readily detected.....

A search revealed marijuana packaged in small bags for retail sale, and the couple was arrested and hauled off to the local pokey. Even though your EdWonk can understand that most teachers don't earn nearly enough money, he can't condone the illegal sale of drugs; they have to pay taxes just like everyone else.

After making bail, Ms. Bailey returned to her classroom and taught for several days before her arrest was discovered by school officials. What the EdWonk would like to know is what was the Clermont School District administration smoking when it placed Jamie Bailey on paid administrative leave? The Clermont District has been Educated by The Education Wonks.