Saturday, April 30, 2005

And Now For Something Completely Different

How does an enterprising (but cash-strapped) young lady named Melissa Saunders get a copy (enlarge here) of the gown that she saw Eva Longoria (pic here) wearing on Desperate Housewives? She writes to the show's producers who then lent her the original for the senior prom:

The St. Hubert Catholic High School senior wrote to producers of the ABC series Desperate Housewives last fall, shortly after she saw actress Eva Longoria mowing a lawn in a stunning, lacy, rose gown.

"I asked for a few photos, so I could find something like that for my prom dress," Saunders, 17, said yesterday between classes at the all-girls school in Northeast Philadelphia. She wanted to shop early because money is tight, she told them. She is saving for college and faces medical bills.

The show's costumers went a few steps better than photos. They lent her the actual dress to wear at tonight's prom - and even had it altered. (Saunders said she is a size 1 or 0, perhaps even a touch smaller than the tiny Longoria.) The seamstress, she said, added material to the lining for modesty, to conform to prom specifications.

For Melissa, a great story to tell her future grandchildren.

For the show's producers, this sort of publicity is simply priceless.
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