Thursday, April 28, 2005

Who Says That You Can't Get Rich In Public Education?

The brand-new school superintendent of Dallas, Texas, Michael Hinojosa, proves that one can indeed get rich in public education:

The contract terms, approved unanimously by trustees Tuesday, include an annual base salary of $300,000 and up to about $40,000 a year in incentives to increase student performance.

"I'm extremely excited that this is coming to fruition," said Dr. Hinojosa, [who is currently] superintendent of the Spring school district, near Houston. "I can't wait to get there."

The article says (as can be verified by the above quote) that Hinojosa is eager to accept the job.

We just bet he is.

I wish that I had a nickel for every time our district's superintendent, Dr. Evil, taunted us teachers with that tired old saw: "You don't go into education to get rich."

I couldn't retire, but I could certainly go on a weekend trip to Las Vegas with all those nickels.

It was not disclosed if Hinojosa would be getting a taxpayer-furnished automobile as is the case with Dr. Evil and many, but not all, superintendents of middle-to-large school districts.
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