Friday, April 29, 2005

CTA President Barbara Kerr Vs. Blogger Polski3

Blogger Polski3, who writes over at Polski3's View From Here, went to a little party last Wednesday evening where he came face-to-face with unelected Autocrat "President" Barbara Kerr of the California Teacher's Association:

Last night at our local Uniserv WHO Awards, Recognize building reps and negotiators dinner at the local country club, I had the opportunity to meet CTA President Barbara Kerr. She looks just like her picture that is published in CALIFORNIA EDUCATOR. She was seated at a special table reserved for special guests, all of whom had to eat facing the crowd. Anyhow, I had my letter and several copies of blog postings from other California teachers that were 'upset' in some manner over her/CTA's proposed $180 dues increase or their lack of democracy. (UkiahcoachBrown, RightontheleftCoast, EdWonk and myself, Polski3).

I ambled over to her table and introduced myself as a long-time teacher, and stated that I had a letter containing several grievances against CTA and its employees. She was polite and indicated that she would verbally like to hear some of my concerns. I began with my concern about CTA dictating to its locals what could and could not be in their local bylaws.....

Polski went on to detail the sordid goings-ons of his local full-time, highly paid, (and appointed by CTA/NEA) union operative. Then Polski had this to say regarding the need for democracy within the teachers unions:
I also mentioned, both verbally and in my letter, that I wished CTA and NEA were truly democratic organizations who allowed their members to actually be able to cast a vote for their state and national officers.
The entire post (which includes Polski's letter to Ms. Kerr) makes for an interesting read. Learn more about the dues increase that Polski refers to in our post here.
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