Thursday, November 11, 2004

Why Leave Home? Here Is A Prescription For Democratic Success

ABC News is indicating that Democrats, unhappy with the results of the Presidential election, are thinking about leaving because the United States no longer feels like "home." We wish that they would reconsider.

Leora Dowling and her husband are thinking about moving to Italy of all places. She laments, "After the election, my husband and I asked ourselves, 'How could our country be heading backward? How could so many people miss or choose to ignore the obvious failures of the Bush administration?'"

Dowling is a college professor (surprise!) that lives in Vermont, the land of the liberal Hypocrat. It is our guess that when they get to Italy they are not going to live as typical Italians, but as well-to-do American carpetbaggers.

What people like the Dowlings (somehow) fail to understand is that (for millions) it wasn't love of Bush, but an intense dislike of John Kerry (not to mention Teresa) and his obvious hypocrisy that caused so many to cast their ballots for George Bush.

After all this, the Democratic leadership, (led by "San Fran Nan" Pelosi) still doesn't "get it." The Democrats keep losing because New England (and Iowa) liberals (like the Dowlings) continue to select the nominee. This is done through the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

Notorious for their liberal tendencies, cycle-after-cycle they insist on holding the first caucuses/primaries. The momentum gained from victories in Iowa and New Hampshire practically guarantees the nomination.

The only exception was Bill Clinton. And he know what he was.

We would hope that our liberal countrymen would not leave the country. Your time is again coming. The people of Iowa and New Hampshire are going to choose Hillary, Countess Of Chappaqua, as the nominee in '08. Liberals in New Hampshire and Iowa will insist on it.

And she is going to lose for the same reasons that Kerry lost. It may come as a surprise to the liberal elite, but us ordinary folks can smell a phoney. We then vote accordingly.

If the Donks really want to win the White House again, here's how:

First, curtail the influence that liberals in Iowa and New Hampshire have in the nominating process. This would make it possible for an authentic "Man Of The People" to become the standard bearer.

The nominee should be fiscally conservative, strong on defense, and socially moderate. He (or she) would believe in fair trade with free countries, not wide-open "trade" with with authoritarian regimes like China. He should strongly support traditional American values. Our border is not a line on a map, but should be effectively defended from the waves of illegals that are currently invading the country.

He or she can be moderately wealthy, but that wealth should be self-made. No more Kennedy-Kerry Hypocrats, please.

A nominee that thinks golf is a waste of the President's valuable time would be definite plus.

The successful candidate does not think of "summer" as a verb. A vacation home, if he or she has one, should be somewhere in the heartland. Never, ever, at such tony spots as Aspen, Martha's Vineyard, or Nantucket Island.

In other words, the Donks need to nominate someone like Harry S. Truman. If they would, I might just vote for him myself.