Friday, May 12, 2006

TeachWonk's Diary: Day Of The Teacher Follies

Another Brick...
Wednesday was Day of the Teacher out here in California.

That meant that our secretaries, custodians, and other classified school personnel were asked to pitch-in and buy a burrito/taco lunch for the teachers at our junior high school.

And, as
Classified School Employee Week will be here soon, a sign-up sheet was distributed at yesterday's weekly teacher/admin meeting with the expectation that teachers would pledge to bring dishes to a "Classified Luncheon" on May 24th.

It's a little like being given a gift with the expectation of receiving one in return.

For several years, this seems to have been the standard operating procedure at schools throughout our district.

All of this has the cynic in me asking a question:
If that's the way we're going to honor a school's employees, I wonder if it would be better to just call these Pro forma "appreciation" events off altogether?
Then, management could stop going through the motions and let everyone keep their own money in their own pockets.
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