Thursday, December 22, 2005

Passing Notes Tests In Music Class

From Number 2 Pencil:
The tweetles, trills, blats, waa-waas, and crashes of Florida's band students may soon be measurable via a standardized exam:

It won't resonate as loudly as the FCAT, but Florida schoolchildren could soon face a new test of how well they're learning music. The test is being developed by two statewide groups of music teachers who see it as a way of reinforcing the importance of music in a well-rounded education and measuring how well it is being taught around Florida.

"Music educators are accountable every time their students step up on the stage, but they felt they needed a more formal way (to measure their learning)," said Timothy Brophy, a University of Florida assistant professor of music education, in a telephone interview from Gainesville...
Next thing you know, some Florida educrat is going to figure out a way to make the students take a statewide standardized test in the following subject areas: recess, drinking fountain, and cafeteria.
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