Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Proud Canadian" Student Threatens To Destroy His American High School

This is another example of the kind of nonsense that occurs all-too-frequently in America's public school system.

Classes were cancelled at Central Bucks East High School [Doylestown, Pennsylvania] Friday after two bomb threats were discovered inside the building. [school's web site: here]

Two students informed police that 17-year-old Travis Bein was behind the threat and that he also had a web site that pictured bomb making material.

Police searched the student's home and discovered he did have a website, along with enough potassium nitrate, fuses, and housings for bombs to blow up his home.

He was charged Friday with possession of bomb making materials and making terrorist threats. Bein, a Canadian citizen, wore a t-shirt in court that said "Proud to be Canadian" and apparently made anti-American statements.

Authorities are concerned because some of the material listed on Bein's website was missing from his home. They are trying to determine if an actual bomb was made from the hard to obtain materials.

School was open Thursday after overnight searches from nine agencies yielded nothing suspicious.

On Thursday afternoon, another message was found spray painted on the bathroom wall. As a precaution, classes were cancelled for Friday.

"We have to take it serious. There is a threat that 'you got my buddy but you didn't get me,'" stated Assistant District Attorney Robert James.

Experts were again called to the scene with bomb sniffing dogs. They canvassed the property into the night but found nothing criminal.

Still, students like Jen Leventhal are scared: "We're not an inner city school with metal detectors. Something like this could happen really easily in our school."

Police believe it is likely Bein had an accomplice. They are still searching for the second suspect.

Unfortunately, the No Child Left Behind Act has nothing to say when it comes to student accountability for behaviors such as this. What malefactors like Travis Bein do is disrupt the educational program, thereby denying every single child in that school their right to a free and appropriate public education.

Since "proud Canadian" Bein is so unhappy living in the United States, I know just the cure for what ails him. The authorities should swiftly deport this little thug as soon as he has completed whatever consequence awaits him.

There is no reason whatsoever why the taxpayers of Pennsylvania should continue footing the bill for this little would-be terrorist's education.
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