Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ex-Hookers Need Not Apply

Here's a news flash of interest to certain retirees hoping to embark on teaching as a second career in Oregon:
Those who want to give up the world's oldest profession for the teaching profession have hit a roadblock in Oregon.

A bill that would have allowed former prostitutes to teach in Oregon public schools has died in the state Senate.

The measure would have allowed ex-prostitutes to apply for a teaching license after seven years had passed since a prostitution conviction.

Supporters said the bill would have allowed women to turn their lives around after they'd been forced to work the streets at a young age.
Retired Ladies of the Evening need not feel too depressed however. For those willing to relocate, the neighboring states of California, Washington, Nevada and Idaho apparently don't bar ex-prostitutes from obtaining teaching credentials and working teaching in public schools.
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