Friday, June 03, 2005

New York City Labor Dispute: Randi Wiengarten Redux

Randi Weingarten, leader of the New York City Teachers Union, has again called out her troops (bugmenot id: bugmenot87, password, bugmenot) for yet another protest rally, this time at Madison Square Garden. There were some unexpected occurrences:
Mayoral politics were also on display at the union rally yesterday. There were appearances by three of Mr. Bloomberg's Democratic challengers - Fernando Ferrer, Gifford Miller and Anthony D. Weiner - as well as a Republican candidate, Thomas V. Ognibene.

They were not scheduled to speak, and at first they walked back and forth on the stage at the center of the arena, silently waving as if they were part of a political fashion show. Then Mr. Weiner grabbed a microphone, introduced himself as a "son of the public school" and spoke briefly.

Mr. Weiner handed the microphone to Mr. Ferrer, but workers shut off the sound, leaving the best-known Democrat mouthing inaudibly.

Several minutes later, Ms. Weingarten offered all of the candidates a chance to speak, and one after another they excoriated Mr. Bloomberg's education record, to the delight of the crowd.
New York's teachers have been without a contract for two years.

Eventually, the union will get around to endorsing a candidate. What are the odds that the endorsement will go to the Republican candidate?

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