Monday, May 02, 2005

PDA Not SOP In Colorado Middle School

'Wonks reader Garbo has written to let us know about how a North Boulder, Colorado middle school has made all Public Displays of Affection out of bounds:
Administrators at a north Boulder school on Thursday banned hugs in the hallways, which has some middle school sweethearts complaining that blooming spring love has been nipped in the bud.

"I mean, how are you supposed to say 'bye to your girlfriend?" asked Centennial Middle School eighth-grader Noah Hahn.

During an intermission at a school musical Thursday night, Noah, 13, and his 14-year-old girlfriend, Scooby Phillips, mockingly gave each other a high-five, demonstrating what they said administrators at their school told students to replace hugs with. Noah and Scooby, who have been going out for about a month, said they will probably continue to hug.

Centennial Assistant Principal Becky Escamilla said that some concerned sixth-grade teachers asked the administration to spell out policies surrounding "PDAs" - jargon for public displays of affection.

"There was some sixth-grade romance going on," she said.

Escamilla said the school is not anti-hug.

"We just want our kids to be appropriate at school and focus on academics," she said.
No students were punished on Thursday for hugging at school, Escamilla said. It is unclear what the punishments for public displays of affection will be.
One can always tell that spring is definitely in the air when these stories make the rounds.

Around our junior high school, (which we'll call Howard Taft Junior High School of Middletown, California) we don't have anything like a written policy regarding public displays of affection. Our unwritten policy says that holding hands and hugs are OK, but students engaging in anything more intense are to be separated, (with a pry bar, if necessary) and given a stern lecture.

The policy regarding public displays of affection among the teachers at our school remains a mystery.
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