Friday, March 11, 2005

"He Thought He Was Having Fun..."

In yet another example of a "child" that is "leaving himself behind" (in spite of NCLB) an unnamed 14-year-old miscreant was arrested by the police in Orlando, Florida for shooting steel ball-bearings at motorists with a "Wrist Rocket" slingshot.

At least three vehicles were targeted by the delinquent in two nights.

The driver's-side window of one motorist was shattered by the impact of a single metal missile. The victim of this attack, Ethel Johnson, said, "If it would have been lower, it would have hit me in the temple. I was so afraid." Johnson is recovering from her injuries.

Following his arrest, the teenager apologized and offered to make restitution. The police, taking a dim view of such deadly shenanigans, have charged the boy with shooting a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle, which is a felony.

The Orlando police said that the boy, "Thought he was having fun."
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