Saturday, February 19, 2005

Where Is The Logic?

Betsy's Page is is alerting us to one of the more idiotic things that the huge-intrusive-and-ever-growing Washington bureaucracy has done in a long time. It seems that Doctor Tom Colburn, who happens to be a United States Senator, is being told that he cannot deliver babies.

It seems that if the Republican from Oklahoma delivers a baby that it's a violation of Congressional ethics guidelines.

Of course there is nothing in the regulations that actually say that a Doctor-Senator can't deliver babies, but that is the interpretation being placed upon the rules by a Congressional staffer named Robert L. Walker.

In order to keep his Senate seat, it appears Walker will be required to "wind-down" his obstetric practice.

Rober Walker and Tom Colburn have met before, and they have a history.

Back in 1997, Colburn was a member of the Oklahoma delegation to the United States House of Representatives. At that time, Walker was assigned to the Ethics office in the House.

You guessed it...... Walker hassled Colburn back then, and almost forced him to quit Congress over the issue of Colburn's medical practice.

Every saga needs both a protagonist and an antagonist...

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