Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Spellings Report: Happy President's Day

Margaret Spellings
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings has issued a statement for Presidents' Day:
February 21, 2005

Today, we honor the 43 citizens who have held the title of President of the United States. We celebrate their commitment and dedication. We cherish their visions for the great promise of this nation. And we remember the trials each of them faced in office.

The timing of this holiday calls on us to celebrate the birthdays of two of our greatest presidents: George Washington (Feb. 22) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12). George Washington led the 13 colonies through the war for independence before serving as the first president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln held this sacred union together through its most perilous hour before giving his own life for the cause of freedom.

We have a responsibility to celebrate this day by teaching our children about the lives and times of our presidents. This history belongs to them. I hope you and your child will enjoy visiting and exploring the history of the American presidency.
In other Spellings-related news, the Secretary calls (San Diego Tribune-Reg. Req'd) for Universities to design better instruments for reporting their students' progress.

According to the Tribune:
Spellings called on states and universities to use NCLB "as a model as you work to close your own achievement gap" in her address to the American Council on Education's annual meeting.

Spellings did not suggest that a higher education equivalent of the controversial 2001 law is in the offing – a prospect that would alarm college officials.
We here at the 'Wonks hope the the paper is right in its assessment. We think that implementing a varient of No Child Left Behind at the collegiate-level would be much like herding those proverbial cats.

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