Monday, February 07, 2005

Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend: The Diplomad Retires

Ramblings From The Far Abroad

With this sub-title, The Diplomad has informed us about the often Byzantine goings-on in our Foreign Service. Now comes the sad (and shocking) news that the mysterious writer of the highly successful Diplomad has decided to go into retirement. In the final entry, the Chief Diplomad writes:
It's been fun; the postings from the readers have been great (except for the idiot trolls -- the same ones who collapsed our hotmail account and made it useless.) But for a variety of personal and professional reasons it's time to stop (we might blog again under a different name; might not.) Lest any of you think so, we have not been threatened or shut down; the State Department goons are not knocking at the door. It's just time to do something else.
We will miss their thoughtfully written Ramblings From The Far Abroad.

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