Monday, February 21, 2005

Presidents Day

Today is the day that has been set aside to honor the memories of both George Washington (first President) and Abraham Lincoln. (sixteenth President) Before he became President, Abraham Lincoln had a successful legal practice in the state of Illinois. Here is a story about how he settled a legal dispute:

When he was an attorney, Abraham Lincoln was once approached by a man who passionately insisted on bringing a suit for $2.50 against an impoverished debtor. Lincoln tried to discourage him, but the man was bent on revenge.

When he saw that the man would not be put off, Lincoln agreed to take the case and asked for a legal fee of $10, which the plaintiff paid.

Lincoln then gave half of the money to the defendant, who willingly confessed to the debt and paid the $2.50! But even more amazing than Lincoln's ingenuous settlement was the fact that the irate plaintiff was satisfied with it.

The source of this story cites a work called, The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes by Clifton Fadimon. Not having the actual book in front of me, I have to take it on trust that the episode has been retold faithfully.

It sure sounds like something that Honest Abe would have done.

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