Friday, February 18, 2005

I Thought This Was A Hoax

When I first heard about the high school teacher that taught bomb-making on Fox News, I thought that it was probably a hoax. Well, at least there is another source to the story. Apparently the teacher worked at Freedom High School, Orlando, Florida:

A high school chemistry teacher was arrested after students claimed he taught his class how to make a bomb, authorities said.

David Pieski, 42, used an overhead projector in class to give instructions in making explosives to students at Freedom High School, including advising them to use an electric detonator to stay clear from the blast, an Orange County sheriff's arrest report said.

In Pieski's classroom in Orlando, authorities found a book labeled "Demo," which includes the chemical breakdown for a powerful explosive, the arrest report said.

One student said he set off an explosive device at a golf course on Jan. 6 and videotaped it, an arrest warrant said. The videotape shows an explosion, and the voice of a young man can be heard shouting, authorities said.

Pieski was charged with possessing or discharging a destructive device and culpable negligence. Pieski, who was booked into the Orange County Jail on Monday and released on $1,000 bail, declined to comment.

School Superintendent Judy Cunningham said Pieski was reassigned to a desk job after he was interviewed by authorities. He is still earning his salary.

I find that this tale is simply incredulous in this post 9-11 world. I assume that this teacher has a college education. Obviously, if the allegation is true, Pieski wasn't paying attention in some of those university classes. He must have slept through "Common Sense 101."

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