Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Students Raise Funds For Tsunami Relief

Here is a story that makes me feel good. It's about kids doing what they can to help the victims of the recent tsunami. Here is a peek:
  • Lisandra Diaz, her sister, and three friends in Brooklyn, New York, went door-to-door selling cookies, brownies, and chocolate cake.
  • Jesse Taconelli convinced his father's business associates to donate a total of $81,000 to tsunami relief.
  • Lisa Hotwagner, a fifth grader, spear-headed an effort to get parents at her school to turn over their loose change.
  • Emily Oliver, a high school sophomore in Newtown, Connecticut, placed jars and signs around her school and raised $600.
  • The Do Something organization has raised over $100,000 from students in schools around the country.

Isn't it great to see our Country's young people doing something positive to help others?

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