Wednesday, January 19, 2005

No Wonder America's Kids Are Becoming Heavier: Many Schools Continue Cutting Physical Education Programs

This news disturbs us here at the 'Wonks. CNN is reporting that more and more schools are cutting back on their physical education programs. CNN goes on to say that one-fifth of all high school P.E. teachers do not have an academic background in physical education and possess the correct teaching credentials. When we learned the following, it surprised even us veteran teachers:
  • Only 71% of the nation's high school freshmen have P.E. while merely 41% of seniors take it.
  • Tennessee has the lowest number of senior is PE at 18% while New York has more than 90% participation.
  • Alabama only requires physical education through the eighth grade.
  • Illinois is the only state that requires PE in all grades.

We find this news to be particularly distressing. Due to the fact that schools are increasingly being held accountable for pupil progress in the areas of reading and mathematics, the prospect for any increase in the amount of physical education that our students receive is bleak.

Kids need to have healthy bodies as well as healthy minds. Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

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