Sunday, January 23, 2005

Extra Credit Assignment: Great Reading From Around The EduSphere

The WifeWonk prefers that I don't drink and blog, so I don't, but sometimes that just seems so harsh. It's the weekend, and even though grades are due on Monday, I can't resist dropping in on a few educational blogs in order to see what everyone is up to. We will continue to update this Extra Credit throughout the day, so consider stopping in again and seeing what's new.

At Pedablogue, they have written a post that all classroom teachers should read, be they primary, secondary, or college. Those that are not in the classroom should also take a look.

Ms. Frizzle has published an excellent post about the careless mistakes that children often make on high-stakes tests. (This is highly recommended read for teachers, parents, and school administrators.)

Joanne Jacobs relates to us yet another story of how an innovative school administrator was "punished" for being successful. At least a board member is asking for an explanation.

Over at Discriminations, they discuss rather or not the ending of racial preferences would result in fewer African-Americans being admitted to elite law schools. is keeping an eye on the mess over in San Diego, California, where reform-minded superintendent Alan Bersin may lose his job.

Academic blogger Jenny D. continues her series of thought-provoking posts with another confession. She also hints that she may feel a "calling."

Professor Plum gives us his take on the "Anti-Racist Math" controversy that Chris Correa also wrote about.

Brian's Education Blog is reporting that in Germany, parents that homeschool are being forced to enroll their children in public schools. (I hope that never occurs on this side of the Atlantic; The 'Wonks believe in freedom of choice.)

Here at The Education Wonks, we reported the case of a California teacher that had been suspended for teaching the "Blue-Eyes, Brown-Eyes" lesson. Next, we have an update about the elementary students that attempted to hijack their school bus. We take a look at the controversy surrounding grade inflation at Princeton University. The 'Wonks are curious about how an accused (and then cleared) educator can recover his reputation once the legal ordeal is over.

Tall, dark & mysterious has posted a hilarious "game" that consists of the excuses that college students give for not attending class. (For all those that have ever taught students in a classroom, this is a highly-suggested read.) Moebius then tells us of the time a student wore a T-shirt instructing passersby to touch her breasts. (I guess my alma mater, Florida State University, must've been a little tame by comparison.)

Over at Unicycle, they had a some snow, and Rachel is hoping for some good news on Monday. (We live here in the deserts of southern California, so we never get that kind on news. heh.)

Bill at The Endless Faculty Meeting has an interesting thought about schools that have been labeled as underperforming and yet are doing a good job educating kids.

Learning Curves is asking for help with a Math Problem. (Math was my favorite subject, but it's beyond me.)

The Irascible Professor asks if America is becoming more like ancient Athens or Sparta. It's a thought-provoking commentary on the choices that our Nation currently faces. (I would hope that we would remain Athenians, but that just me.)

Teach and Learn chimes in on a New York Times article on the controversy surrounding the teaching of evolution in public schools. (We here at The 'Wonks agree with them on this one.)

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