Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Extra Credit Assignment: Great Reading From Around The Education Mini-Sphere

Once again, I've put on my electronic walking shoes and have taken a little stroll around the Education Mini-Sphere to see what I could learn. At the risk of overusing an old chestnut, I wanted to expand my horizons. So I roasted that old chestnut and went out and took a look at the variety of neat stuff that is out there.

Brian's Education Blog
gives his opinion regarding a recent speech by the head of the (British) Office For Standards In Education (OFSTED) who raised concerns about potential dangers that might arise from schools promoting radical Islamist teachings.

Here at the 'Wonks, we are worried about continued reducations in P.E. programs around the country and disturbed about yet another incident of school bullying. A group of students at Columbia university are alleging intimidation by their professors.

In a well-constructed post, Left2Right
likes the ideal of an "academic bill of rights," but they don't think that state legislatures should attempt to define what it is.

We asked for Canadian bloggers to let us know their thoughts about grade inflation, and tall, dark, & mysterious
rose to the challenge with a comprehensive and insightful post that also garnered the attention of joanne (And we here at the 'Wonks thought that grade inflation was only a problem here in the 'States.)

In an article aptly called "Pork Out,"
is alerting us to all the money that is being earmarked by Washington for pet projects. Be sure to check-out their update of the "Pundit for Hire" scandal involving Armstrong Williams. (We continue to be pleased by their coverage of the Armstrong Williams affair and are looking forward to additional updates.)

Joanne Jacobs
shows us how one California State School Board member is defending the concept of charter schools. (We can just imagine the look on the face of NEA's Reg Weaver when someone whispers the words charter school within his hearing.) She also has a post that should be read by anyone that is interested in learning more about a proposed merit pay system for teachers.

Jenny D.
discusses a Washington Post article that asks "Is second-grade too hard?"(We like her thoughts about some educators being a little too resistant to change.)

Teach And Learn
has been meeting with educational consultants. (We remember an equation from one of our own experiences with a consultant: Con + Insult = Consult. heh)

Over at a school yard blog,
they link to a most interesting photo essay where children participated in a pro-Israel vs. pro-Palestinian rally in Berkeley last Sunday. (We think that this is a most interesting read.)

has some thoughts on a recent column by William Raspberry. They have offered Mr. Raspberry a challenging writing assignment .

Education At The Brink
is telling us some interesting news about the No Child Left Behind Act. Here is a taste: "________ school superintendents endorsed legislation Tuesday directing the State Board of Education to seek a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind Act." (As it is their story, you'll need to go the site and see which state.)

Pedablogue has a
very interesting take on how plagiarism and other forms of cheating have become accepted by large segments of the population. (We agree with Pedablogue. This is a sore spot with us; seems like our junior high school kids are cheating more every year.)

Telling Deeds asks some very thought-provoking questions regarding a post that she saw here at the 'Wonks. This involved a California college professor that allegedly "punished" a student for turning in a "pro-America" essay. (We passionately embrace the free exchange of thoughts and ideas here at the 'Wonks.)

The hipteacher is looking for a little help with her grade-book. She also did a little too much school work on The Martin Luther King holiday. (Ouch!)

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