Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher's Council
Each and every week, Watcher of Weasels sponsors a contest to see what are the most link-worthy posts in the larger Blogosphere. The winning entries are determined by a jury of 12 bloggers (and The Watcher) known as "The Watcher's Council." The Council has met and voted on this week's submitted posts.

Council Entry:

Winner: Council member Dr. Sanity has written a
fine piece called "WMD and Death By Chocolate Cake."

Runner-Up: "Ted Kennedy's Contract On Your Paycheck" by The Sundries Shack
placed second this week.

Non-Council Entry:

Winner: Top honors were taken this week by Varifrank with a
very engaging post called "Welcome Neighbor."

Runner-Up: "Aiding and Abetting The Enemy" by BlackFive placed a strong second.

Our own Council-Member entry, "Columbia Students Allege Intimidation By Pro-Palestinian Professors" can be seen

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