Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Administrative Buffoonery: Fired Administrators Score Big

Who says you can't make a lot of money in public Education? Sure you can, as long as you don't go anywhere near the classroom.

Even better, in Seattle, Washington, educational bureaucrats can make a lot of money
by getting into trouble. They will pay you a good deal of cash just to make you go away. Think of it as a golden parachute for school administrators that get into ah...um......trouble. Here is a taste:

  • One principal pocketed a check for $132,000 in exchange for his resignation after being found liable for sexually harassing his employees. The suit's settlement alone cost the district $90,000. He had referred to female employees as "bitches" and made inappropriate remarks about their breasts.
  • Another principal raked in $173,507 after agreeing to resign after being accused of creating a "hostile atmosphere" at the school.

According to the source, the Seattle public school system has given away more than $500,000 to administrators that were in trouble, in exchange for their resignations.

We here at the 'Wonks know how to get rid of 'em without any bribes. Simply re-assign unwanted school administrators to the classroom. (We can affirm that they most incompetent administrators will never go near the classroom, so no children will be put at risk.)

As most classroom teachers can attest, many administrators would rather quit than have to actually teach children in a classroom. This is because many would be unable to deal with 25-35 children alone and without a title to insulate them from students. Students can unfailingly smell an incompetent or unfair teacher, and they will soon make his or her life miserable. Bad school administrators know this, and they will quickly leave of their own accord.

If this had been done in Seattle, it would have saved the taxpayers' money.

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