Tuesday, November 16, 2004

From The Class Act Files: Lou Dobbs

CNN's Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs of CNN has been fighting the good fight about our "Broken Borders" for some time. He constantly exposes incidences of governmental apathy and incompetence. Down here near the southern frontier, the subject of our wide-open border is of very real interest to just about everybody.

Now Dobbs brings us more details about how the federal government continues to fail in repelling this "gunless" invasion.

There is a Federal Statute making it against the law to hire illegal aliens. As with all things federal, there is more than meets the eye. The law requires that employers have photocopies of Social Security Cards or other identification proving a person's right to work. The law does not require the employer to verify the authenticity of the ID. Nor does the law require employers to even verify the legitimacy of employee-supplied social security numbers.

Not only did Lou Dobbs inform the nation of this inadequate law, but he also let us know how few people had been prosecuted under this wholly inadequate statute. According to Dobbs, these were the number of prosecutions (not convictions) for two recent years:
1999: 182
2002: 21
Federal authorities say the number of prosecutions are on the rise, but priority must be given to homeland security. We here at the 'Wonks think that protecting the homeland should begin at the borders.

The true key to stopping the invasion of illegal aliens into our country is adopting a mixed strategy of strong border defenses and very strict sanctions for employers that hire illegals. If the demand for illegal labor ceases, then the supply of illegal laborers will also dry-up.

And what if the next terrorist attackers infiltrate our nation from either Mexico or Canada? Then once again, we shall be hearing the futile refrain of, "Why wasn't something done about this before?"

Please keep up the Good Work, Mr. Dobbs!