Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Filed From The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas: Why Is This "Doctor" Smiling?

This very happy man is 51 year-old "Doctor" Andre J. Hornsby, Superintendent of the Prince George County, Maryland school system. Some possible explanations for this man's smile might be:

  • His live-in girlfriend, Sienna Owens, is 26 years old.
  • Girlfriend Owens just got a big promotion (annual salary: $100,000+) from her employer, LeapFrog SchoolHouse (sic) an "educational technology firm."
  • The Superintendent bought over $1,000,000 worth of services from LeapFrog 2 months before his live-in girlfriend's big promotion, which helped solve some "technical difficulties" that the good superintendent was having both at home and at work.
  • Due to Hornsby's networking contacts, LeapFrog is in an ideal position to sell even more services to other large districts, thereby earning his 26 year-old girlfriend another big promotion, which help put an even bigger smile on the 51 year-old Hornsby's face.
  • Hornsby was recalling all the fun that he had during a 10 day junket to South Africa last year. All expenses were paid for by another vender (Plato Learning) that is now seeking a large contract from Hornsby's district. This may result in further opportunities for vender-paid travel, resulting in even more smiles.
  • Hornsby is thinking about his $250,000 annual salary. (Who says public education doesn't pay?) That kind of money is enough to put a grin on anyone's face.
  • His delighted mien is caused by the knowledge that three years remain on his contract.
  • Hornsby always wanted to be a G-Man when he played cops-and-robbers as a kid. Since he is now the subject of a federal probe, he is finally getting his chance to interact with some real G-Men.

The Baltimore Sun is as curious to know why this man is as delighted as us here at the 'Wonks are, and we are quite sure that they are going to continue to be interested.