Monday, November 22, 2004

Filed From The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas: Lou Dobbs Continues The Good Fight

Wonks' Hero Lou Dobbs
On this evening's edition of Lou Dobbs, (CNN) we learned that the Administration is opposing a bill that would forbid illegal immigrants undocumented persons from getting driver's licenses anywhere within the United States. This bill is sponsored by Republican Congressman James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin.

He and his ally, Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter of California, continue to oppose passing the "Intelligence Reform Bill," until safeguards are placed within the law to expedite the deportation of illegals undocumented persons. The two Congressmen say that enforcing our border and immigration laws is key to protecting America from terrorists, and the proposed Intelligence Reform Bill fails to do this.

Peter Cabrielle, a spokesman for The Families Of 9/11 Victims, indicated that the group fully supports Sensenbrenner and Hunter.

Dobbs pointed out that the 19 enemy terrorists (of Sept.11) had between them 63 driver's licenses, most of which were issued in spite of the fact that many of the terrorists were in the country illegally without permission.

Dobbs has quoted the administration's figure of 3,000,000 illegals undocumented persons that will invade flood into the country this year. CNN then broadcast a demand speech by Mexican President Vicente Fox. Fox actually had the nerve foresight to declare that the US needs to better safeguard the rights of illegal aliens undocumented persons.

The Education Wonks live only 9 miles from the Mexican border. We experience the ramifications of this invasion of undocumented persons everyday. Anyone that teaches in a classroom anywhere in California will tell you that the amount of money that is expended on students (and parents) that are here illegally without documentation is stupendous.

Some will say that if one advocates repelling this invasion upsurge of illegals undocumented persons, then that person is anti-immigrant. We here at the 'Wonks disagree. We simply think that those that would benefit from our economic system and way of life should not be rewarded for breaking the law.

Update: Michelle Malkin's post, "Open-Borders Obtuseness" links to some fascinating commentary regarding our out-of control borders.