Sunday, November 21, 2004

The EdWonk Takes A Roadtrip

I am not given (hopefully) to boring my readers by filling these pages with tales and regales of my own meager existence, but this is being written in somewhat different circumstances. Today is my ___ birthday. Just after I made my morning post, the WonkWife gave me my surprise birthday present. (Besides the one your thinking.) She announced that we were going on a little trip, the location of which would be revealed later.

Not one to keep secrets too long, she stated that I was to take some pocket money, and mentioned something about 7 Card Stud, craps, and roulette. Yes your EdWonk was off on a birthday trip to Sin City.

The trip from the Mexican border to The Land Of Adult Fantasies took about 6 hours. Amazingly, it rained the whole way. I say it is amazing, because we live in what must be the ugliest, driest, and flattest piece of real estate in North America. But in Searchlight, Nevada, we encountered a most beautiful little snowstorm. We could not resist the temptation to stop and have a little frolic in the snow....

The WonkWife has always admired Egypt, and all things Egyptian. So that has meant a stay in the Pyramid. But I don't guess the Egyptians get much rain either, because 15 minutes 45 minutes after we checked in, it was noticed that the roof on our 28th floor room leaked. Ordinarily, this would soon be remedied with a quick call to the front desk. Not this time, "It's leaking all over the pyramid." We here at the 'Wonks think that this stay should be on dime of Mandalay Bay Properties. We will see.

It's time to go down to the poker tables, and see if the EdWonk brought his WonkLuck with him...