Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Congratulations ACLU!!

Protecting America!
The ACLU (aka the American Criminal Liberation Union) has won yet another victory in its quest to keep America free from fascist domination. This week, the ACLU managed once again to beat-up the Boy Scouts.

The Evil Boy Scouts of America now join a long list of ACLU victories over such threats to our liberty that include Christmas Trees, City Seals, Crosses on Mountain Tops, and The Ten Commandments.

It's nice to know that those freedom-loving folks over at the ACLU are ever-vigilant in their quest to protect the young men of America from the dangers of hard work, patriotism, camping, pioneering, and merit badges.

Update: (11/17) On Bill O'Reilly's television broadcast, Robert Sprangle of the American Legion indicated that they would be willing to sponsor many of the 400 Boy Scout Troops that will lose their meeting sites because of the ACLU's lawsuits. Further, Sprangle referred to the ACLU's activities as "Legal Terrorism."