Sunday, October 03, 2004

Teresa Watch: Weekly Roundup (9/26-10/2)

Method Actress?

On his radio show Sunday evening, Matt Drudge referred to Teresa as "One of the richest women in America, according to Forbes." He went on to state that, "People should be careful around her in case she has a nuclear bomb in her purse." Drudge then suggested that she pay off the National Debt. Your EdWonk is not sure that she could completely retire the National Debt, but without a doubt she could pay off California's in full.

Democratic operatives are continuing their strategy of keeping Teresa out of the limelight by having her tour western states that are either "safe" for Kerry or states that have been conceded to the Republicans. She is to stay out of "battleground" states at all costs. The aim is to keep Teresa (and her utterances) from doing any more damage to the Kerry campaign.

Sean Hannity indicated that last Friday Teresa got into a "shouting match" with an attendee at a rally in Pueblo Colorado. According to Hannity, Teresa screamed, "Go ahead, you can say it, call my husband a flip flopper!"

Teresa was scheduled to give a speech at a fundraiser in Minneapolis at 12:00 noon.

A Pittsburgh Judge rejected arguments put forth by attorneys (employed by the estate of Teresa's first husband, Senator John Heinz III) in her efforts to keep financial records secret. Teresa's legal team is appealing the ruling in an effort to keep records sealed until after the election.

In the evening, she presided over a "pricey fundraiser" in downtown San Diego, California.

Teresa had lunch with a small "hand-picked" group of military wives in Point Loma, which is near San Diego, California. Among the invitees was conservative-turned-liberal Arianna Huffington. The affair took place around tables in a bakery. About the Iraq War, Heinz-Kerry said, "If nothing else, the big lesson here is our military leaders should never go to war unless it's absolutely necessary." Huffington said, "She talks in a common-sense down to earth way that really really connects with people in their daily lives."

The engagement lasted some 45 minutes. After touring the bakery, she was off to yet other fundraisers in Irvine and At Los Angeles International Airport.

The EdWonk observed (via the TV report) that there were numerous cameras about. The reporter stated, "Heinz-Kerry did an equal amount of talking and listening." Your EdWonk believes that for Teresa, this must have been a first.

Your EdWonk confirmed today via USA Today that Teresa Heinz Kerry is indeed gallivanting around the country in her private Gulfstream 5 jet known as The Flying Squirrel. For some reason that is unknown to the EdWonk, he finds the name of that particular jet hilarious. Maybe there really is something to the old expression about owners resembling their pets after all.
Gulfstream 5

Teresa was in the room during the first debate at The University of Miami. The EdWonk lost a large wager, as he had been (incorrectly) informed by one of his Sources that Teresa was planning to wear black to the affair.
After the debate, Teresa was seen at Miami Arena partying with supporters. After she mounted the podium, she exclaimed, "Was John Kerry rocking tonight or what?" The EdWonk has no information regarding the amount of alcohol, if any, Teresa consumed before or after she made that remark.

We find Teresa visiting a community center in Miami's "Little Haiti" area. Earlier, Heinz-Kerry spoke to patients at Mercy Hospital's Saint John Bosco Clinic in "Little Havana." According to the Miami Herald, Teresa spoke French to several Haitian immigrants, even though nearly all the people in Haiti speak Creole, which is a mixture of several languages and is as similar to French as Latin is to English. Still, your EdWonk has to give her high marks for trying.

The Drudge Report linked a story from The New York Times that Teresa's nickname among friends is "Dr. T" because of her no-nonsense (in other words, "pushy") counsel on health matters. She makes sure that the candidate eats his broccoli and Brussels sprouts. The Times also states that she has taught Kerry how to cook healthier foods. With five different homes, each presumedly staffed with help the EdWonk would have thought that would have been the cook's job.
Saturday Night Live has tasked the lovely Maya Rudolf with portraying Teresa in skits where they poke fun at the Kerry Campaign. Ms. Rudolf did a credible job in her first performance; she just didn't look like she contemporary of Teresa.