Monday, October 04, 2004

Brokaw Blames Bloggers

Tom Brokaw
While monitoring Bill O'Reilly's program this afternoon on Fox, O'Reilly showed a clip that featured Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, and Peter Jennings. Tom Brokaw declared that the Blogosphere had declared a "Jihad" on Dan Rather because of Rather's well-known sympathy to liberals and other politically correct causes.

Of course Brokaw did not mention the fact that the infamous memos that started "Rathergate" (your EdWonk wishes that he had suprascript) were shown to be fabrications. Brokaw also failed to mention how zealously C.B.S. defended the supposed authenticity of the documents.

The EdWonk wonders if Tom Brokaw would have been so quick to defend a right-wing pundit that had got himself into this much trouble. CBS, NBC, ABC, and other traditionally left-leaning mainstream media have been Educated by the Blogosphere.