Monday, September 18, 2006

Stealing From Kids In N.C.

Four individuals have been tried and convicted of stealing millions from the Raleigh, North Carolina pulic school system:
Four people were sentenced to prison Monday for their parts in defrauding the Wake County school system of $4 million.

Former transportation department budget analyst Carol Finch received a prison term of roughly six to eight years and was fined $100,000.

Prosecutors said Finch orchestrated a scheme that allowed employees of the school district's transportation department and workers at Barnes Motor and Parts in Wilson to exchange fake invoices.

Officials allegedly used the money sent to the parts company to buy boats, big-screen televisions and other expensive items.

Former Barnes Motors regional manager Bobby Browder was sentenced to roughly five to seven years in prison. Connie Capps is a former Raleigh store manager for Barnes who was sentenced to five to seven years and fined about $39,000.

Former state Department of Transportation employee Pamela Stewart got a 60-day sentence and was fined about $39,000.
With clowns like these, who needs Ringling Brothers?
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