Friday, September 15, 2006

Help Wanted: Sycophants Preferred

If you know someone (Sadly, that's the way it almost always works...) over at The National Education Association and you'd like to make more money than most teachers earn, the NEA has some jobs for you. (No actual teaching experience is required for any of these jobs sinecures.)

Consider taking a look at the
great benefits package. (We are especially envious of the "flexible work schedules," credit union, subsidized NEA Cafeteria, and the employees-only Fitness Center.)

But what does NEA mean exactly when they say that they also offer an "Employee Assistance Program?"

Considering the fact that teachers in our district here in California's "Imperial" Valley haven't had any sort of pay increase in five years while NEA's dues have continued to go up, (and up) maybe the NEA would consider a "Dues Roll-Back Program." This would apply to those of us who've had our salaries frozen (or even reduced) while inflation continually reduces our paycheck's purchasing power.

Naw... the NEA would never do that any more then they would ever allow the rank-and-file to actually vote for the Association's president or any other top-level officer.
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