Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Good Reading For School Administrators And Wannabees

A few days ago, we wrote a post about a school district that was paying $10,000 for a "head-hunter" to conduct a nationwide seach for a principal that would be a "good fit," for the local high school.

Our good friend, Ms. Cornelius over at A Shewdness of Apes,
has published some reading that we heartily recommend for all currently practicing school administrators and wannabees. Here's a taste:
Treat people with respect, and you will receive respect. Treat people with disdain, and you will be treated with disdain. Treat teachers as your colleagues and teammates, and teachers will treat you the same. If you behave this way, when you have to lay down the law, you will have a bank of goodwill from which to draw.

Do not have favorites among the staff members, and for God's sake, don't have a romantic relationship with one, either. This causes nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but trouble. Be wary of bootlickers who are trying to suck up to you, versus people who are merely friendly colleagues. Those toadies are usually either A) incompetent and want you as a friend for protection, or B) they want your job.
We think that Ms. Cornelius has written some really good stuff, well worth your time and effort.

A fair and effective administrator is a delight to work with and an embellishment to the school community. Sadly, because a large number of school systems don't promote based upon merit, all-too-many of those individuals who do infest work in school offices are neither delightful or embellishing.
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