Thursday, April 13, 2006

Protesting Their Right To Ring-Tones

In New York City, some students are loudly protesting the loss of what they view as their God-given right.... to bring cell phones to school:
About 150 Brooklyn students walked out of their classes early and rallied for an hour outside the Secondary Schools for Law, Research and Journalism. The students chanted, "We want cell phones!"

Police say four students were arrested for disorderly conduct and one for assault of an officer. Overall, though, police say the protest was peaceful.

The students said it's unfair that they can't take the phones inside the school. The students said they need the phones for emergencies.

Schools banned cell phones in 1987. A school official says there are no plans to change the cell phone policy.

New security procedures - including searches for open drink containers - also upset the students. They said the searches slow entrance into the building.

The school's principal said security officials are working to speed up the searches.
In our California junior high school, management has implemented a "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to cell phones. If a phone "goes-off" in class, the offending device is sent to the office where parents can pick it up.
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