Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bad News For Boondocks Fans

Cartoonist Aaron McGruder has decided to take a six-month hiatus from drawing his edgy comic stip The Boondocks.

This reminds me of Gary Trudeau's infamous sabbatical from drawing Doonsbury.

I'll bet that both Trudeau and McGruder wouldn't have ever dreamed of taking their fans for granted doing this when they were struggling to launch their strips and make a name for themselves.

This gives me new respect for truly hard-working cartoonists like Charles M. Schulz, who drew Peanuts for nearly 50 years and never let his fans down took a long leave of absence.

On the other hand, like Doonsbury and others, The Boondocks is just a comic strip. They're like busses; another one will surely come by soon.
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