Monday, December 05, 2005

The Website Of The Day: Mr. Hughes' Opus

Via EdWahoo, we have learned of a project that has been undertaken by Mississippi teacher Ryan Hughes. Mr. Hughes, who is a Teach For America corps member, is effectively using the web to help raise funds so that his 6th grade students can fulfill their goal of visiting the nation's capital:
The students taking part in this educational experience are sixth grade students at Stern Enhancement School in Greenville, Mississippi. Stern Enhancement School is a special school set up to serve the needs of the city's brightest students. Despite being some of the best students in the Mississippi Delta, most have not ventured out of the state and thus lack a wide view of the world at large. Exposing these students to the monuments, museums, historical sites, and branches of government would have a long-lasting impact on their life paths, creating strong future leaders of the Mississippi Delta.
Mr. Hughes emphasizes that as the trip will take place during Spring Vacation, the students will not miss any school.

Check out this very well-constructed and informative website right here and consider making a tax-free contribution. We will make ours after the first of the year, as that's when we'll get our next paycheck.
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