Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Irony Of The Day

I was poking around over at Polski's place when I saw this: (emphasis added)
I received a mail solicitation the other day from the History Channel Club. As an enticement to get me to join as a "life" member, they included a slender bit of fabric bookmark and a magnetic copy of the US Constitution BILL OF RIGHTS. I believe the Bill of Rights is a remarkable document and has done much to make our nation a better place to live. I just wonder what the folks in the factory in the People's Republic of China think of it.....they manufactured the Bill of Rights magnet. I can only imagine what their government might do should those factory workers or anyone else in that country began to demand anything on the US Bill of Rights ? Another reason to be thankful we live in this US of A.
What irony. A made-for-export copy of the U.S. Bill of rights manufactured within the boundaries of one of the most repressive regimes of all time.

Authoritarian China, the nation that imprisons their own people for their religious beliefs and murdered a large number of students for the "crime" of peacefully demonstrating in support of democratic reform.

It seems as though nearly everything being sold in your local Wal-Mart is made in China while the Chinese government continues to keep its market closed to the few American manufacturers who are still in business.

American zoos even have to pay some pretty steep rents to the regime for use of those cute pandas that everyone likes.

And let's not forget that Authoritarian China committed an act of air piracy upon an American military aircraft, looted the plane's classified electronics, didn't permit the U.S. to fly the aircraft off the island but remove it in pieces instead, and then sent the American Government a bill, which we paid.

Of course, the Communist Chinese Government couldn't resist the tempation to gloat.

The real mystery, of course, is why do we as a nation continue to cozy-up to such an abusive regime at the expense of thousands of American workers who have lost their livelihoods in the name of "free" trade?
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