Friday, November 25, 2005

Protecting Kids Down In Bluegrass Country

Lawmakers in Kentucky are studying a proposal that school boards annually publish the names and photos of convicted sex-offenders living in their communities:
Lawmakers will be asked to consider a package of bills expanding notification requirements about convicted sex offenders.

But the legislation would also mean more responsibility for school boards in getting the word out about the felons.

And, there is some question about whether proposed fees would cover the cost of the extra work.

The bills would require registered sex offenders who already must register with the local probation and parole officer to provide information about where they live to the local sheriff's department.

The offender would pay the sheriff's department a one-time 20 dollar fee, half of which would help cover the department's costs to collect, organize and maintain the information.

The other half would go to local school boards, which would be required to publish in the newspaper a list of all registered sex offenders, their photographs, addresses and offenses each school year.
If this proposal survives the lengthy legislative process and becomes law, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for some judge somewhere to declare it unconstitutional and throw it out.
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