Monday, May 30, 2005

The Daily Prank Report: Arizona's Alphabet Mountain

For the past three years, the seniors of Scottdale's Desert Mountain High School have painted their school's initials on a nearby mountain side:
For at least the third time, some youths went straight from Wednesday's graduation ceremonies at Desert Mountain High School to a nearby mountain and marked the letters "D" and "M" near the crest.

"They were nice this year," said Bernie Finkel, a volunteer steward with the McDowell Sonoran Land Trust. "They didn't use paint."

Finkel and two other stewards waited until it was hot enough for the snakes to seek shade before climbing the mountain to erase the signature Friday morning.

This year, the teenagers used yards and yards of white muslin to create the letters, pinning the sheets down with small rocks and duct tape.

"The real concern is not defacing the desert and endangering wildlife, it's safety," said steward Leonard Marcisz, who joined the cleanup effort. "Anyone has the potential to stumble or fall on those rocks or run into a dangerous reptile."
Gotta watch-out for those dangerous reptiles. Around here in Middletown, California, we have a lot more of those around our junior high school than we need.
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