Saturday, May 28, 2005

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Entry-Level EduCrats Urgently Wanted

Are you a recent college graduate with a four-year degree looking for your first real full-time job?

Do you have a grade-point average of at least 3.45?

Do you wanna work in Education but can't stand the thought of actually having to teach kids?

Is the idea of visiting public school campuses and instilling a sense of fear into those who actually do teach children appealing to you?

Are you one of those who must have a higher starting salary than a beginning teacher because what teachers earn just isn't enough?

we have a job for you in the U.S. Department of Education!

Hurry! Your application must be postmarked by June 9th. (But just in case you miss that deadline, you need not miss out. New positions are being created constantly.)

Friends and relatives of Department of Education employees are strongly encouraged to apply.

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