Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Union Nonsense: Reg Wants Your Vote

Unelected N.E.A. President
Like many in the Education Industry, the EdWonk is forced to belong to a union. Actually, he is forced to pay dues to three unions: national, state, and local. This is due to the fact that in California, we have the all pervasive and anti-democratic "closed shop."

Reg Weaver is the selected (members don't get to vote) President of the National Education Association. All "members" of the N.E.A. just received a missive from Weaver. As always, the union is urging members to vote the straight Democratic ticket.

Nobody asked the members what they thought, no one polled anyone to see which candidate merited union support. As it has for the last half century, this "legalized syndicate" gave its endorsement to the Democratic candidates. And they continue to give the candidates our money. But they won't tell us how much, just as one cannot discover how much Reg Weaver earns in salary. And forget about finding out what kind of perks these union "honchos" get. Your EdWonk made Herculean efforts to discover this information.

Of course all this costs money, and each year the union keeps raising dues, which are substantial. They don't ask us about that either.

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