Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary's Flag Trouble

Has anyone out there also noticed that Hillary, (She who gets to break the law at will.) NEVER wears a United States Flag on any of her outfits? Is she ashamed of our country's flag ????? That's right. I almost forgot. She doesn't believe in America as we have understood it for some 240 years. She is a "globalist" who is for so-called "free" trade, open borders and unlimited immigration. I wonder how she would feel if some of the more uneducated (and unvetted) illegal immigrants moved in next-door to her mansion in the exclusive upper-crust enclave of Chappaqua, New York ? Even better, how would Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton feel if a large number of illegal immigrants moved into daughter Chelsea's exclusive Manhattan apartment building ?

Heh. I'd be willing to wager that Hillary's secret mantra is: Open Borders for thee, gated communities and armed bodyguards for the likes of me.

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