Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Killer Iowans

Well, the good people arrogant yokels of Iowa, who feel like it's their God-given right to be first in the presidential nominating process each and every four years, have murdered the candidacy of Tim Pawlenty.

It's sad that folks in the 47 states who for decades haven't hadn't a say in who the Republican nominee is, (Like it or not, the truth is that those few who live in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina get to decide for the rest of us who the Republican nominee is) won't get to hear Pawlenty's message.

As they have so many times before, Iowa's self-righteous rustics have saved all the rest of us from having to make the decision about whether or not a presidential wannabee had anything to offer the 95% of us who do not live in those three puny states.

On a positive note, it looks as though top-tier candidate Michele Bachmann is going to have to pretend to enjoy eating rube-food for at least a few more months.

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