Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday EduGaggle

Should a Texas student who takes a cell-phone call from his dad (who is serving in Iraq) while said student is in class be suspended because taking that call broke the rules? A lot of issues to chew-over on this one. Enjoy your meal. More tidbits here and there.

Our Department of Religious Affairs has been monitoring the interesting case of the public school teacher
who is in heaps of trouble for having a Bible on his classroom desk in plain view.

Wanna find out how much your state is spending on education vis-a-vis the other 49 states? Then you need to go here.

Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Barack Obama debated last night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Get your Hillary's Times
New York Times "coverage" right here. Little was said regarding education policy other than Hillary's remark about the need to revamp NCLB.

No surprise here: Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings
continues her defense of the federally-mandated No Child Left Behind Act. (Unlike today's "Republicans," I can clearly remember when the G.O.P. stood four-square against further concentration of power by the Central Government in Washington... Where have all the Republicans gone???)

From Wall Street, we have the news that for-profit education companies are
taking it on the chin as inflation picks up steam and the recession deepens.

From our International Desk we have
this first hand report concerning the challenges faced by Canada's Inuit people in that country's Far North.

For it's
$100 million dollar donation to help keep kids from dropping out of school, AT&T has certainly earned our Red Apple Salute!

looking to recognise a few great History teachers up in Michigan. (As of this writing, we don't know if that award includes a Florida vacation next winter. We do know that it includes $500 dollars and a plaque...)

From The Office of the Queen of All Media our Entertainment Desk we have this bulletin regarding the death of Martha Stewart's best friend.