Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday EduGaggle

And now from San Antonio, Texas we have this sorry tale of a high school fight club.

Hearthrob Angelina Jolie
has issued a call for more and better educational opportunities... for Iraqi kids. (Disc. There's something about that dress she's wearing in the photo that we find uplifting.)

In another entry from our International Desk, we have this story
that disproves the notion that high school students behave better in the Land Down Under. On point of fact, the Australian Army had to pull those battling teenagers apart.

A Muslim public school? Here in America? It's true!

Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI is planning to visit New York City later this month. He'll be here just in time to get a first-hand look at a probable teachers strike.... in that city's Catholic school system.

First-year public school teachers in this place earn a starting salary of only $24,000 per year. And they're not going to get any raise this year. All that and ever-increasing performance expectations-- thanks to NCLB. Ouch.