Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's EduGaggle

EduBlogger California Teacher Guy has gotten the type of awful news that almost all teachers have dreaded at one time or another. Read the sequence: part I, part II, part III and part IV.

Today's school prank report: Seems as though one Tennessee high school is
suffering the effects from an unexpected infestation of white mice...

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What type of masochist sadist would ever require each and every public school student to view Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth?"
each and every school year? Ewww!

Internet Roulette: Ever sat in front of a computer monitor and wondered about what was on the other side of an interesting-sounding internet address? Ready? Set? Here we go:

Margaret Spellings, The Queen of All Testing U.S. Education Secretary,
has now declared the federal No Child Left Behind Act to be.... a civil rights law!

The Wanker of the Day Award has got to go to
this New York guy:
NEWS10 has uncovered that the Columbia High teacher, arrested on sex charges, had an eye-opening online profile, where he said he was 15-years-old!

Kirk Hellwig is actually 37. His arrest Monday sent shock waves through the East Greenbush community. Allegations arising that he had sexual contact with a then-16-year-old student on school grounds during school hours.

Now, NEWS10 has learned that in addition to the classroom, Hellwig was also active in chat rooms on the social networking site MySpace. And it is on that site we found Hellwig claiming to be a teen himself!
Read the whole thing.

Today's non sequitur:
Check out the beautiful women and the ugly men (according to the women) that they love!
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