Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday EduGaggle

Florida Governor Charlie Crist, has just signed into law a statute requiring a minimum of 2 1/2 hours of physical eduction each week for students between kindergarten and fifth grade. Middle and high schools are encouraged to provide up to 3 3/4 hours of gym class weekly.

just released study reports that students aren't forgetting as much history as they used to. Or are they? Meanwhile, over at the U.S. Department of Education, Queen of All Testing Secretary Margaret Spellings is attributing what progress there is to the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

This story about one New Orleans elementary school
is truly heart wrenching. (Be sure to check-out what the teacher had written on the classroom chalkboard on August 29, 2005.)

The ACLU is suing the Odessa, Texas school district
in order to stop the district from offering elective courses in Bible study.

No surprise here: when it comes to emergency preparedness, our nation's public schools
are seriously under prepared.

Here's one more classroom teacher who has tried to have high academic standards only to be overruled by
mouth-breathing oxygen-wasting EduCrats from some Downtown office.

We certainly agree with Mike Antonucci on this one: School does not have
to be a drag.

Today's non sequiturs: Think animated movies are just for kids?
Think again! EduBlogger Mamacita of Scheiss Weekly is suffering from a severe case of Weedeater Rage. From our Political Bureau we have this unlikely tale of cigar-chomping law-breaking blowhard radio commentator Rush Limbaugh's social encounter with cigar-chomping law-breaking blowhard former president Bill Clinton.
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