Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday EduGaggle

Here's a public middle school that gets it right. (But then again, with the advantages that are enjoyed by that particular campus, why shouldn't they succeed?)

Reading First scandal deepens:
Officials who gave states advice on which teaching materials to buy under a federal reading program had deep financial ties to publishers, according to a congressional report Wednesday.
While many American public school children continue to be relegated to attending classes in poorly-maintained buildings and using outdated texts, the U.S. taxpayer is about to foot the bill for the establishment of religiously-oriented "super madrassas" for the instruction of Afghanistan's future terrorists boys. (Girls are not allowed.)

Accused of possessing child pornography, Pennsylvania teacher Edward Lee Springer went on the lam in order to avoid his day in court. But as Springer soon learned, even the moon wasn't far enough from the long-arm of the law.

The L.A. Times' edublog School Me! has their weekend roundup of EduStories.
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