Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Morning EduGaggle

There's an ambitious project afoot to provide every child in the world's developing countries with an inexpensive but highly efficient laptop computer. This plan has now begun to turn into reality and get more about the machine here. (Interestingly, their are no plans to provide millions of American school children with any sort of computer...)

School Prank Season is now in full gear: Couldn't
these knuckleheads find something a little more original than the ole "putting super-glue in the keyholes routine?"

The State of Wisconsin
has some news about their standardized test results: scores are mostly steady in reading, science, and social studies while math scores have improved. Sadly, the performance gap between poor students and their better-off classmates remains.

The Wankers of the Day are most certainly the mother and son combination of Rosie and Pete Costello. These two specimens have been tried and found guilty of
faking the son's mental retardation for years in order to collect government benefits.

Fun with EduStatistics: Here's
a comprehensive table of the percentage and number of high school dropouts for the years 1972 through 2003.

Entries for this week's Carnival of Education are now due. Meanwhile, check out what the homies are up to over at the
latest midway of the Carnival of Homeschooling, hosted this week by The Lilting House.

Today's non sequitur: Can you imagine the type of things
that college students leave behind when they abandon their dorm rooms? (And what was up with that Boa constrictor???)

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